Fund Distribution Services (FUNDDS) is a privately owned and independent firm dedicated to introducing premium fund managers to Australia & New Zealand.

FUNDDS is an extension of our clients brand – we work closely with the client to open and introduce our networks of trusted supporters to place and build relationships. This style of fund distribution service has been highly effective over the last 10 years across ‘best of breed’ global and local managers.

FUNDDS conduct rigorous due diligence on the manager's investment strategy, investment philosophy, operations, investment capacity, human resource backgrounds and risk management practices. Analytical and quantitative reviews are used to evaluate managers, determine competitive advantages versus peer groups, and establish a correlation to industry benchmarks. The experience, talent, and integrity of the investment management team are critical elements to our evaluation process. This is matched with an in depth understanding of market themes which results in an introduction of the fund manager to allocator.

FUNDDS focuses on a limited number of strategies allowing us to provide the client with only the highest level of client service and individual attention to meet their goals. These goals have been co designed with the client to ensure both parties are aligned with expectations to limit the chance of disappointment.

FUNDDS structurers each relationship with a mutual alignment of interests, which is critical to building a strong relationship, we do not consider new assignments which may create conflicts of interest with other clients. Within each relationship every project is pursued until its successful completion, regardless of the effort and time required.

FUNDDS invest ‘with’ our clients and therefore our interests are truly aligned.